What is it?

Biosecurity is the protection of the Australian sugar industry from endemic, established and exotic infectious diseases, pests and other biological threats and the minimisation of their impact. It is achieved through systems that aim to prevent pest and disease introduction or spread, or to control an outbreak if it occurs.  Biosecurity is often reliant on state and national policies for dealing with an event.


The sugar industry has a long history of working with state and federal governments to prevent the spread of serious pests and diseases, and to manage incursions or outbreaks. State and Federal governments have supported the sugar industry through legislation including the Queensland Plant Protection Act 1989, Plant Protection Regulation 2002 and the Plant Protection (Approved Sugarcane Varieties) Regulation 2003.

SRA does not have a regulatory role, but supports the industry by carrying out research and providing technical expertise. All regulatory actions are managed by Biosecurity Queensland (BQ), part of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Queensland (DAFFQ).

Organisations or individuals are required by law to obtain an approval (permit) before moving plant material or appliances (machinery) between Pest Quarantine Areas (PQA) within Queensland or into Queensland from another state.

Growers and the General public wanting to move sugarcane machinery or sugarcane plants should contact the Queensland Biosecurity Hotline 13 25 23.

PPACane approvals

For inspectors appointed under the Plant Protection Act please use this log-in site:

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